Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'd like to thank everyone who didn't help me along the way..without your lack of support, I wouldn't be who I am today

yeah i guess i wrote some good shit once upon a time
i guess i was devoted to this, once upon a time
the sheer beauty of music
helped me to not lose it
til i came into this town
where inflated egos abound
people talking shit for lack of more conducive action
i got caught in the paranoia of what everyone is askin
and saying behind my back
threatened by the self-promoting, oblivious,
self-serving undeserving moral-swerving man-eaters
along the way the peace was lost
now its become a competition
to prove something to the mass
of pretentious so-called musicians

who gave youthe right to judge me
you, who never took thetime help me grow
you, who gave me grief and made me wallow
and suspect every person that would pass
wondering what do they think
you broke me down
but ill be back in form
soon enough to prove you wrong
the right are in the right
and the wrong will get their due
in due time so dont be confused
when it comes around to you

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