Monday, August 22, 2011

today we talked
i couldnt resist
anger took over
and my heart couldnt sit
at these inane half gestures
and why i gave the time of day
to someone so daft
it all spilled out
all i wanted to say
and talking made it harder
to continuing staying away
there was always more to say
more to prove
and the day went by in a daze
half sleeping half awake
again i was paralyzed
nothing i could do
except regret
why did i talk again to you

Chronicle of a breakup

you said you didn't sleep well
since you knew i was upset
but of course you did
you snored away
you never lose a night of sleep
if only i was so happy
if only my mind was so small
if only thoughts wouldn't enter
if only i was smarter
if only i didnt still somewhere believe
that you love me the way i want
then i wouldnt still await
some grand show of affection
unable to concentrate
on the rest of my life
if only i still didnt hope somewhere inside
that you really are the one

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'd like to thank everyone who didn't help me along the way..without your lack of support, I wouldn't be who I am today

yeah i guess i wrote some good shit once upon a time
i guess i was devoted to this, once upon a time
the sheer beauty of music
helped me to not lose it
til i came into this town
where inflated egos abound
people talking shit for lack of more conducive action
i got caught in the paranoia of what everyone is askin
and saying behind my back
threatened by the self-promoting, oblivious,
self-serving undeserving moral-swerving man-eaters
along the way the peace was lost
now its become a competition
to prove something to the mass
of pretentious so-called musicians

who gave youthe right to judge me
you, who never took thetime help me grow
you, who gave me grief and made me wallow
and suspect every person that would pass
wondering what do they think
you broke me down
but ill be back in form
soon enough to prove you wrong
the right are in the right
and the wrong will get their due
in due time so dont be confused
when it comes around to you

You Break Me Down You Build Me Up

you break me down
you build me up
you fill my cup
you are my muse
and my destruction
you are the black hole
and my warm blanket
i'm losing track of time
and places i used to go
losing sight of the path
that i was to follow
i no longer know what i should do
part of me empty without you
another part wants to break free
to ascend higher
you feed my body
but not my mind
which needs different food
to be something apart from you
looking for something deeper
searching for what others see
but blinded by temporary pleasure
are you the end of me?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A poem/song I wrote about my working days

Home from work but still not free

My mind has just been wringed out

Of its juices

They’ve been used to produce some more inane shit

Ladies and gentlemen this is not what I call happiness

Is it so blasphemous to want to do something besides

Stare at this square screen

type away at robot speed

All the while daydreaming

Of another life and time

And then you wonder why

we have to pop

3 pills a day and 4 cups of coffee

The combination sounds to me like a recipe for failure

Of the soul to elevate out of its meager means

And yet it’s the way of life in which we believe

Security is easier than facing uncertainty

And stagnancy is better than risking rejection

So we work ourselves to the bone

Day in and day out

and at night when the sun sleeps

we still feel we’ve done nothing

“when the sun sleeps”

what about the people, what about the people

what about the heart, what about the heart

the soul is slowly dying, dying

drowning in the drone

the everyday drone

drowning in the drone

Theres been a fuse

The resistors acting up cuz my mind has been abused

From serving the man all day

Between that and sleep when do I have

The time to be with me


At the dead of night, here I am again

Mind hollow eyes sunken

Fingers limp and weak

Wondering what to write about

What to say unique

It’s a project I wish I could take

a path that’s seldom taken

Conventional society tells you there’s no contribution

A waste of time when you could be

Developing machinery

To further estrange, derange

And diminish our place

in the man vs. machine debate

but creating monsters of illusion is worthwhile to infuse consumer

egos and corporations pockets

intent only on profits

how to live beyond the dollar

it seems everyones forgotten

what about the people, what about the people

what about the heart, what about the heart

the soul is slowly dying, dying

drowning in the drone

the everyday drone

drowning in the drone

I get up for air for a minute

And its in it that I realize

im only at the beginning

of reaching a deep potential

a barren land to get cultivated in soul

Multiplying and inspiring

us mere mortals

Capable of so much more

And yet expended for a few

extra dollars for a slew

of already rich dudes

Sacrificing lives to serve the wannabe kings

Instead of expressing and being, giving,receiving

Seeing deep within

connecting with ourselves

And what gives us reason to survive

Is all hope gone for a better life

As we get more hypnotized

By happiness in future days

As we lose ourselves today

what about the people, what about the people

what about the heart, what about the heart

the soul is slowly dying, dying

drowning in the drone

the everyday drone

drowning in the drone

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In India right now, with a mission to complete my new album(theme is a surprise), and a bigger mission: to learn how to improve my way of life, in the land of spirituality. Everyday I am working hard to focus my mind like a pinpoint, and discovering new things about myself. The path has been confusing at times, as I have gone through many different channels. But I have started to accept that each resource I have consulted has offered something of use to me. In Vipassana, I learned how to focus the breath, concentrate only on it, and keep as still as possible: a real exercise in self-discipline! I also learned to tune into the body. Although, I found myself constantly judging myself for the thoughts that entered my mind during my meditation, and feeling resentful for the pain and discomfort i experienced throughout the meditations. At the same time, I congratulate myself for my courage and will to succeed despite my physical and mental limitations; I went on meditating day after day, trying to unmagnify the pain I felt.

At OSHO, I discovered completely different, dynamic forms of meditation and became closer to my body. I especially enjoyed dancing free-flow with the music, like during our Sufi meditations. I experienced the joy of movement and dynamism, the grace and agility of my body, and learning new and creative methods of visualization.

Through Art of Living, I discovered how to feel myself breathing, letting the coolness of air into my throat and feeling the warm air leave me. I became more acquainted with sensing my body, focusing on each individual part and experiencing the unique sensation of being ALIVE.

Through a combination of yoga and physical movement and complete breathing and relaxation with vocalization, I have formed my own path for reaching contentment and connection with the self. In today's meditation, I often had trouble deciding WHAT aspect to focus on: the sound, the relaxation of my shoulders, the breath permeating my body.... Then I decided not to try to focus on anything, and just let it be. Enjoy the process and focus on what my body wants to focus on. The feeling of taking a deep breath in, and then releasing the body was extremely pleasurable. I stopped judging myself and trying to make each cycle perfect, because perfection is overrated. Rather perfection can be found in the dynamism, in spontaneity, and that is the true beauty of this constantly fluctuating world. I congratulate myself for another job well done, with the help of the Universe, holding my hand along each step of the way, leading me to make the decisions and choices I make; there is no right or wrong choice, only what happened and what didn't happen. So the moment I decide to open my eyes is already written in fate and is there for a reason, for my wellbeing. Once we can focus on relaxing ourselves into the present, opening up the body and the mind, creating space and time for ourselves, the universe and all its possibilities will be at our fingertips. Once we rid ourselves of negative and limiting thoughts: worrying about the future, regretting the past, and resenting the present, we open up new reservoirs in our minds and hearts, filled with color and creative energy.

So, remember to embrace the present as much as possible in whatever it offers you, and learn to train the mind to perceive the present with positive and optimistic eyes; the present is a gift, each moment of it, not for what you make of it, but for what it IS.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks for your support!

Hi everyone! For those of you I don't know yet, please get in touch with me and let me know a little about yourself. I would love to know also how you feel about my music and what types of events you would like to see me perform in in the DC area. I am a hugely social person and love meeting new people and getting new ideas!
Also feel free to contact me if you are in interested in working together, whether you're another musician, photographer, event manager, promoter, magazine editor, or anything else. Send me samples of your work and I will get back to you if I think we can make some magic together :)