Monday, August 22, 2011

today we talked
i couldnt resist
anger took over
and my heart couldnt sit
at these inane half gestures
and why i gave the time of day
to someone so daft
it all spilled out
all i wanted to say
and talking made it harder
to continuing staying away
there was always more to say
more to prove
and the day went by in a daze
half sleeping half awake
again i was paralyzed
nothing i could do
except regret
why did i talk again to you

Chronicle of a breakup

you said you didn't sleep well
since you knew i was upset
but of course you did
you snored away
you never lose a night of sleep
if only i was so happy
if only my mind was so small
if only thoughts wouldn't enter
if only i was smarter
if only i didnt still somewhere believe
that you love me the way i want
then i wouldnt still await
some grand show of affection
unable to concentrate
on the rest of my life
if only i still didnt hope somewhere inside
that you really are the one