Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Story- Part 1

I can’t remember when I actually started loving Indian seemed to come about very naturally. Growing up I was always more interested in American pop music and hip-hop since those were what my friends and most people listened to..but Indian music was the only kind to really touch my heart and make me feel an unexplainable kind of happiness – listening to it, singing it, and dancing to it.

What started off as a hobby became a passion to finally, a part of my being. Growing up in a very academic family (both parents and my sister have their PhDs), I kept music as a side hobby while pursuing my education of medicine, even to the point of gaining admission and entering medical school. I was warned by many that once in medical school I would have no time for anything else.

Still I thought I’d give it a chance for the sake of my family and hoped for the best. I soon realized that I would not be able to balance music with the stress and full-time commitment of medical school. I was not ready to give up music from my life and so I faced a major life dilemma. After a tough inner battle, I finally left medical school and decided to go to India and pursue my dream of being an Indian pop diva :) To be continued....

Thanks to everyone for all of the appreciation and support.

Just had a show at the Zee Heritage India festival in Chantilly, VA on May 31st. I have to say the experience was quite a rush…the festival was HUGE with over 10,000 felt just like a giant mela(festival) in India with hundreds of stalls and booths for everything from clothes to jewelry to textiles.

The organizers of the festival allotted me a 2 hour show for Saturday evening. At first I was worried how I would carry a show by myself for 2 hours..I prepared about 14 songs to sing and choreographed dance parts as well – needless to say, it required plenty of prep time. Once I started performing though and saw the crowd loving the popular bollywood tracks as well as my own songs, I felt at ease and actually enjoyed myself on stage. I was touched by the response I got by people of all ages and the number of people who offered their encouraging and supportive words.

My favorite part of the night was when a little girl came up to me with a piece of paper and asked me for my autograph telling me “You rock!”. It made my day. Looking forward to the next show!